My Bookshelf: What Am I Currently Reading and Writing About?

I’m afraid that even with all of my resolve to post every Friday, sometimes the inspiration well can run dry. Today, sadly two days late, I will be posting about my current reading material. This contains books that I’ve been struggling to get into, those I enjoy and those that I will be spending the next few years analysing for school *insert gulping noises*. Not all of the below books are recommendations, but quite a few are good to read.

The Non-Fiction Style Books

So I’m not exactly a fan of non-fiction… In fact I could probably count the number of factual books I have read on one hand. I definitely prefer becoming engrossed in the characters, world building and scenarios of fictional stories, however I’m beginning to discover that there are some really exciting books that incorporate engrossing imagery even when writing about factual matters.

  1. Hope And Glory- Britain 1900-2000 (Peter Clarke)
My own photo

So, admittedly, this book is my endeavour at reading ahead for History. Nonetheless, it is full of interesting information and is well written, in a way that shows off the author’s knowledge. It wouldn’t be my first choice but it’s expanding my horizons.

2. How To Pray- Pete Greig

Once again, my photo, as are all the book covers in this post.

Before reading this, I wasn’t sure that I needed, or wanted to. After all, surely prayer is just talking to our Heavenly Father. This book doesn’t contradict that idea, rather it empowers us on how to do this. I love Greig’s writing style- how he uses great metaphors and imagery even when writing in a conversational style.

In the author’s words:

This book is a ‘simple guide’ to the complex living landscape of prayer. Get your boots on- this isn’t going to be a concrete highway.

How To Pray: Page 2

My School Texts

  1. Othello- William Shakespeare

So yes, this has a dark story. It’s a play about racism, jealousy and love that has remained a classic, like all of Shakespeare’s plays, over hundreds of years. It’s not hard to see why, given the clever language and, as my English teacher has said, his ‘brevity’ with words. That’s not to say it’s not a long play, it is! Trying to write scene summaries, that’s clear. But it is how much Shakespeare can actually say in few words that is truly impressive. The characters all feel real, if not slightly unusual for today’s society, which shows Shakespeare’s true mastery.

2. The Handmaid’s Tale

So, despite the large acclaim for this book, I can’t profess to like it. Yes, it is cleverly written. The writing style tells you a lot in slow intakes of information without feeling too sparse. Yes, the society created is a nightmarish idea, showing what can happen when religious texts are abused. But… I know I’m in the minority… I find it too disturbing. And whilst I think there is a place to show the darkness that can grip our society, I found this at times perhaps gratuitous. Also… the ending! I really wish I could say that I liked the sense of mystery that we don’t know what happens to the narrator, but I was always taught in primary school that writers should tie up all loose ends at the ending…


What Am I Writing?

  1. My Book Series, The Asgilia Trilogy

(Sadly this doesn’t have a cover yet!)

Despite my laptop continually glitching due to a Pepsi spillage (yes, very sad) it is now seems to be working well enough again, a big relief. I’m currently editing my first book, a fictional book I started about a year ago. It’s set in the Kingdom of Aldinar and whilst it is not High Fantasy, including nothing out of the ordinary, it’s not historical fiction or contemporary either.

The book follows the life of two young people in completely different settings. Lilian (19) is Lutheriyan, which means that she experiences horrific racism and injustice from the people in the Kingdom where she lives. All she wants is for people like her to have good lives and to be free from the situations that gripped her in the past, including the murder of her mother. Elias (21) however, is living in the lap of luxury, working for the King and overseeing his cruel rule.

Below is the blurb 🙂

A young guard desperate to prove himself with an impossible task.

A defiant girl who only wants to protect her family with a devastating secret.

In the Kingdom of Aldinar, discontent is brewing. Plague is spreading and the people are knee deep in poverty. With the rise of groups of revolutionaries that are dangerous to his rule, the King, Christopher Arkanath sends one of his most trusted men on a task.

He must find the lineage of Marcus Ansel, a King who was murdered when the Arkanaths took control. 

And he must kill them.

Anyway, so edits are progressing slowly at best. I’m now onto the second book which I think will be even more fun to write, given that we get to see into the lives of so many more characters, including a personal favourite, the protagonist, Elias’s wilful younger sister. Hopefully I’ll be able to have a first draft in progress properly before the end of the year.

That’s all for today, but hopefully next week I’ll be more punctual posting!

Comment below: What are you reading? Do you prefer non-fiction or fiction? Are you a keen writer?

3 thoughts on “My Bookshelf: What Am I Currently Reading and Writing About?

  1. Well loose ends aren’t always neatly tied up at the end of life…

    Otherwise, another amazing post! Very excited to read The Asgilia Trilogy.


  2. so enjoyed reading your blog. I too liked the Kite Runner. Anxious to read your Trilogy. Praying to God is like a journey of your heart to know Jesus more and to follow HIm.


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