My Projects

As a writer who wants to become published some day, I’ve worked on a lot of projects recently. I thought it would be good to keep tabs on them and to show you what I’m up to, so here is the list.

My Current WIP (Name TBC)

Status: Drafting

Blurb: An idiosyncratic narrator spins an oral tale of the loves and losses of a potter and his apprentice spanning two generations and two nations with the promise of redemption at the end.

The Contemporary YA Project (The Romantic Poets’ Club)

Status: Editing


Meet The Romantic Poets Club:

THE HEROINE: Jess Loveday hates spontaneity but loves Romantic poetry, penned by authors with reckless lives translated into heart-filled words. Hopeful for a place at her dream university, Jess sets up The Romantic Poets Club, bringing together a group of mismatched teens.

THE PEACEMAKER: Joshua didn’t really want to join poetry club. His life flies by in a haze of busyness and whilst everything falls apart, he tries to keep the others together with an enviable good-naturedness.

THE FOIL: Anita couldn’t be further from the perfect Jess Loveday, probably why they’re always arguing. Running from one bad grade to another, is her mum’s ‘cultural education plan’ the solution to her grades skyrocketing?

THE BYRONIC HERO: Rashid has a mysterious past and a quiet existence. The dark spoken word he writes at night doesn’t seem to be a way out of his current problems but shining daylight on his poetry might change everything.

THE NARRATOR: Aspiring journalist and failing mathematician, Hope Rivers genuinely loves to write, a passion that sometimes causes problems. From bag thefts to excessive litter, she’s ready to record it all.

THE SIDEKICK: Brett King is perfect on paper as Jess’s boyfriend. But he seems secretive. Why does he know so much about Keats, Shelley and Byron? And what does he really do in his free time?

And so, let the poetry analysis, reckless spontaneity and unexpected friendships begin…

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